Welcome to Koga

Koga Ninjitsu Cape Town, is a martial arts institution teaching the guiding principles and Ninjitsu techniques including other associated and appropriate martial art disciplines. Through this process, Koga Ninjitsu will continuously adapt to suit the environment, using the guiding principles of Koga Ryu Ninjitsu as the foundation for the natural growth of the techniques and approaches to the martial arts.

Once off joining fee - Affordable monthly class fees - Kyu level based instruction - No prior martial arts skill required - Highly qualified instructors - Unarmed and weapons training... and much more!

Koga Ninjitsu recognises that the Koga Ninjitsu members themselves are the dynamics behind the institution, and thus Koga Ninjitsu recognises the needs of the members without sacrificing the values, principles and standards of Koga Ninjitsu. Thus, Koga Ninjitsu has a policy that encourages questions, discussions and comments from its members.

Koga Ninjitsu is not affiliated to any other martial art, since this term means that the students of Koga Ninjitsu are also students of the affiliated style. Rather Koga Ninjitsu uses the term "associated", which means that through an association with relevant and appropriate martial arts, there is an exchange of information that supports the guiding principle of natural growth. Koga Ninjitsu instructors are encouraged, and some specific cases may be supported, to study other styles of martial arts to a proficient level that information can be brought back to the Koga Ninjitsu syllabus for analysis, understanding and possible amendment of the Koga Ninjitsu syllabus. It must however be noted that Koga Ninjitsu takes great care in this analysis before any changes are made to the Koga Ninjitsu syllabus.

Our contact details are listed within our dojo page and on the left as a quick reference.