Koga Kyu Levels

There are nine kyu levels in Koga Ninjitsu before you obtain your black belt. 

Koga has structured the kyu levels carefully to enhance your learning experience. Each kyu level from ninth to first kyu has a 4 months training period. At the end of each 4 month period if you are eligible, there is a grading held by a panel of black belts.

First kyu to first dan (black belt) there is a year training period.

Below is a summary of the kyu levels:

  • 9th Kyu - Deflections, Elements, Postures, Balance, moving around your opponent.
  • 8th Kyu - Atemi jitsu, kicks, punches, elbows, knees, etc.
  • 7th Kyu - Take downs, ground work, multiple attacks, stealth techniques
  • 6th Kyu - Locks, body-hold escapes
  • 5th Kyu - Knife, shuriken
  • 4th Kyu - Koga short stick
  • 3rd Kyu - Bo/Jo staff
  • 2nd Kyu - Tonfa (PR24 baton)
  • 1st Kyu - Nunchaku

Koga Dress Code

Students wear black martial arts gi with a green belt marked with up to nine white ribbons denoting their highest graded kyu level. All official gear can be purchased by members at discount prices directly from Koga.

New students are allowed to wear any comfortable active wear, preferably black in colour, until their first grading.

Training Fees

Fees for 2020:

  • Joining: R150
  • Training: R275 per month
  • Grading: R150